Augment your Wi-Fi reporting capability
Capturing real-time data to better understand your attendees.

Driven by your requirements, we help capture real-time data that is relevant to you. Accurate data gives you the ability to better understand your attendees.

ECS gives you the ability to customize your reporting criteria, to capture the required data values.  Our reporting is an offset of our network monitoring – which we use to ensure network stability and performance. Use your data to help predict your future event budget.

Bandwidth Utilization

Reports on specific subsets of attendees

Visual Network traffic flow

Individual reports for each data line

Establish trends in attendees

Pinpoint network congestion

Connected number of users

Creating separate networks

Connected network devices

Analytics and performance metrics

Quick Response Times

Detailed Network Report for post-event analysis

Why is capturing data from your event important?

Inaccurate data, or a lack thereof, can lead to vastly uninformed decisions based on assumption, often resulting in unplanned costs. Capturing data from your event can optimize future planning, reduce costs and provide a better understanding of your attendees.

Establish measurable reporting for each event.

When returning to the same venue each year, data from your previous events provide powerful insight into predicting future consumption and can help you to budget accordingly. Measure success of your event by establishing patterns over the previous year’s event, demonstrating yearly growth. Use this data to plan the next cycle of the same events.

Measure success of different locations with data.

Real-time data allows you to measure each location’s success and helps you plan for a repeat at a previously used venue. Further understand your audience and locations that have brought you greater success and ultimately help you show ROI.