Wi-Fi Networks
Custom, Reliable and Secure Wi-Fi Connectivity

Providing attendees and exhibitors the experience of a custom designed network environment.

ECS has designated teams that work directly with your company or production team to design a secure custom network that seamlessly provides an advanced internet solution covering all areas of your event.

Our custom built solutions support locations where your attendees can connect and stay connected with multiple devices. Ensuring a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection is readily available assisting with your attendee’s productivity at the event. Give your attendees and exhibitors the essential connectivity they need for a productive and successful event.

Wi-Fi for You9999$Most popular pack

High Density Reliable Wi-Fi

Wired and Wireless Networking

On-site Network Monitoring

Dedicated Bandwidth Options and Prioritized Traffic

Wi-Fi for Attendees9999$Most popular pack

High Density Reliable Wi-Fi

Secure Private Networks

Multiple Access Points

Easy for Attendees to Connect and Stay Connected

Why Your Event Requires a Professional Grade Wi-Fi Network

Creating a secure Wi-Fi environment for your attendees is just one of the many important requirements that influences the overall attendee’s experience.

Attendees have come to expect a network that can support multiple devices giving them a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection that is secure, as they navigate all areas of your event.

Specialized Internet networks are designed to sustain the demands of those high density environments. ECS gives you the ability to create a variety of separate and secure networks for specific areas of your event from registration, attendees, press, VIPS, speakers and production teams.