Infrastructure and Security
Providing your attendees with fast and secure Internet connectivity is vital to their experience.

Attendees, sponsors and exhibitors have come to expect a fast and secure network when attending events and while fast access to the Internet is a necessity, your security is paramount. You sponsors and exhibitors expect to keep their data and devices secure when presenting live demos and videos, while they create twitter posts and attempt to stay connected to the office.

ECS’s specialized team of architects build your event network solution from the ground up, based around your requirements, and the needs of your attendees. This custom network can also be integrated into an existing venues infrastructure.

The result, a secure customized event network with rock solid performance and reduced redundancies.

A secure and safe network, is your peace of mind.

It is vital that your event has the right infrastructure in place. We employ an on-site team that proactively monitors your event network to ensure stability, security and efficiency.

We understand every industry has its own unique set of requirements, business pressures and competitive challenges when planning an event. We consider those pressures and adapt for compliance issues, protecting your network. Your events network should never be compromised and your attendees’ data should never be accessible to anyone other than themselves.

A well balanced network means...

› Secure private networks Network hardware  
› Firewall protection on links                                   
› Centralized and secure storage                            
› Temporary fiber and copper cabling

› Built-in redundancy
› Anti-virus control
› Risk mitigation
› LAN and WAN networks